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All Things Inventory Academy

Having a list of photos of your home, your office and their contents has never been more important... but having the time to create such an inventory can be overwhelming. This is the place to come to either learn to do it yourself or find someone to do it for you!

With an inventory, you can better protect your family, financially, by being able to prove ownership and condition of assets prior to a natural disaster, a theft or a fire.
Your trusted advisors can more properly plan for you (e.g., which items to put in a trust, the proper amount of insurance coverage)
You can prevent items from “falling through the cracks” and "accidentally walking away" as memories start to fade.
Having an inventory reduces time, energy and conflict when disbursing assets to the next generation.

Hurricanes and Wildfires had record-setting seasons in 2021 and 2022, across the U.S. 

The threats posed by natural disasters are not going away. It's critical that everyone have an inventory, to prove what they have, if they experience a loss.

No one knows what life will bring...

Ellen's Story

My friend, Ellen, got the evacuation call during Katrina.

She packed a small bag for two days and left the house with her husband and 15-year-old daughter, who’d tucked her baby dolls into bed, covering them with a blanket to “keep them safe”.

They never returned.

Their home went completely under water when the levee broke.

Ellen spent an entire year trying to visualize and piece together everything that was in her home, on each wall, inside each closet and each drawer. All the pictures, baby videos, jewelry, clothing, prescriptions, critical documents – every physical asset was buried in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Ellen’s family didn’t have a digital record, a physical binder or even a list of their belongings, so their insurance paid them nothing.

Unfortunately, Ellen was the poster child of someone who didn’t have a home inventory and then suffered devastating consequences.

Carol Kaufman Interview:

A 5 minute clip of Carol's interview with Ellen Kempner, survivor of Katrina and owner of Caps For Kids re: why she feels a home inventory is so critical for families' peace of mind.


Way to Create a Home or Business Inventory.

ATIA's turnkey solution steps professionals through creating a home and business inventory service offering for their clients.


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Create your own home or business inventory using Pinventory's home and business inventory tool.



Do It Yourself

For anyone who needs an inventory but doesn't have the time or know-how, we'll create theirs for them.



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Sign up for All Things Inventory Academy and learn how to create at least 10 types of inventories for both yourself and your clients.


One lump-sum or 3 monthly payments of $350.

  • Clients receive a subscription to Pinventory for $6.95 per month.
  • 5 Modules that teach you how to create an inventory.
  •  2 Modules that help create a business and roll out plan.
  • Reusable worksheet templates to assist in cataloging your clients' inventory.
  • Direct access to me, with unlimited support.
  • Access to the All Things Inventory Academy Facebook page.
  • Once you've completed the course and have received 5 testimonials, you'll be listed in my service provider directory on my website (one-year free).
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